What You Need To Know About Metal Detectors And Screening Services 

It is essential that you screen all of the people coming into your building for metal objects that could pose a potential threat to you and others that work there. If someone is walking into your building with a weapon you need to know about it immediately so that you can take the appropriate action. 

You just never know when someone that looks trustworthy and wants to enter your building for what appears to be a genuine reason, has something concealed about their person that can harm you and others. If you have a lot of visitors on a regular basis then you really need to consider a security screening setup if you don’t have one at the moment. 

Different Types of Screening Devices 

There are two types of security metal detector in common use today: 

The Walk Through Metal Detector 

If you are a frequent traveler then you will be familiar with walk through metal detectors at airports. A lot of other sensitive buildings have these installed as well. The reason is that they are highly effective at detecting metal objects that someone may be trying to conceal.  

Sometimes you will see these units referred to as “search arches”. They will perform a fast and efficient scan of individuals from head to toe during a onetime pass through. There is a grid which will highlight the presence of metal in specific areas of the person so that you will be able to see where something potentially dangerous is concealed. 

Modern walk through security arches have sensitivity settings so that you can adjust them to prevent false alarms. For example, you can set up the arch so that it ignores smaller metal items such as keys. 

It is vital that you take all necessary proactive steps to protect yourself and your people. If an individual knows that there is a walk through metal detector in your building they are far less likely to risk trying to get a gun or a knife through the system.  

You can expect most modern walk through metal detection systems to be able to detect very quickly in around 15 milliseconds which is almost instantly. The other good thing about the systems today is that there is no radiation generated with each scan.  

If you are considering the installation of walk through metal detectors then always go for the best available solutions. You do not want to compromise your security by looking for the lowest cost products which may not have the level of detection and the features that you need to ensure minimal inconvenience and maximum protection. 

The Hand Held Metal Detector 

If you do not have the requirements to justify a walk through metal detector, or you want a more convenient way to check individuals entering certain parts of your building, then a hand held metal detector is a good choice. 

Just as there have been technological advances with walk through metal detectors, the same is true with hand held detectors. Modern hand held metal detectors are very efficient and have a high degree of sensitivity these days. They are also lightweight and very easy for security personnel to use.  

The best hand held metal detectors have proven electronics that ensure self calibration and the highest degree of sensitivity. When considering these detectors we strongly recommend that you do not go for the cheapest ones as these usually are not as efficient and have been known to suffer from reliability issues. 

The last thing you want is for your hand held metal detector to let you down. If it is not working properly then you could let someone into your building that is concealing a weapon. It is essential that you choose the best detectors. 

Special Response Corporation can provide you with the highest quality walk through and hand held metal detectors for short periods of time or for long term installations. Find out more about what we can offer here and contact us today so that we can discuss your requirements and recommend the best solution for you. 

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