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Special Response Corporation was founded in 1986 by the current owner, President and CEO, Martin B. Herman. Since then, our professional security personnel have been sent on daily, weekly, and monthly deployments. The skilled and expert employees at Special Response Corporation protect business and industry, personnel and property against manmade and natural disasters as well as homeland security threats. Our assignments across North America have included plant closures and downsizing, threats of workplace violence, executive protection, labor disputes and strikes, and even special events.

Our first major deployment was to New York City where Special Response security personnel were deployed more than 18 months providing services during a major strike by the Longshoremen (ILA) in 1988. In 1990, TeamWorks USA was founded, and after such a successful decade, we acquired TeamWorks USA in 2000, to overcome our rapid expansion. Below, you can find a timeline with some of our other significant deployments:

Special Response security teams were deployed to California for the Los Angeles riots.
Security teams were deployed to Southern Los Angeles and were placed on standby throughout the trials against the police for the Rodney King case.
Overnite Transportation required our services during the national Teamster strike. The key evidence our personnel gathered resulted in the contempt order against the union local 107.
Special Response Corporation protects Overnite Transportation during a national Teamster strike against the company. Key evidence gathered by Special Response Corporation personnel results in a contempt order against the union local 107.
Both proud to serve our country yet distraught, our security teams were deployed to protect critical infrastructures after September 11. In the same year, Special Response teams were deployed to protect the anthrax vaccine for the CDC.
Hurricane Isabel sent our teams to the Carolinas.
Sea Island, Georgia, for the 30th G8 Summit.
Hurricane Katrina left a path of destruction which sent our teams across the Southeast of the United States from Florida’s Key West to Mississippi’s Gulf Port with long term deployments in Louisiana and Mississippi.
We deployed counter-surveillance teams to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania for the G20 Summit.
Special Response Corporation personnel are deployed in Counter Surveillance Teams during the G20 Summit in Pittsburg Pennsylvania. Special Response Corporation receives Training Magazine’s Top 125 award
Businesses in New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia required our protection services after hurricane Irene. We also had a team in Longview, Washington after the Longshoremen riots and our support enabled a $250,000 fine against the union.
As news spread of the oil refinery in St Croix, US Virgin Island, our expert services were required. In the same year, Hurricane Sandy hit, and our team members were deployed to assist businesses and industry that had suffered great destruction.
When over 25,000 employees of a major health system went on strike, Special Response security personnel were needed for our professional protection services. A separate team also carried out a long-term investigation involving union intimidation in the Midwest.
A significant automotive parts manufacturer hired Special Response Corporation on a retainer to assist in a range of security services across 15 various plants.
The Baltimore Riots were international news with a great amount of damage and violence. Our Tactical teams and executive protection units were deployed for close protection of the media and further security teams were sent for industry protection.
2016 & 2017
Our teams worked in Iowa and North Dakota. Their mission was to secure and protect critical infrastructure such as pipelines, contractors and property from delinquent protestors. In 2017, our Special Response security personnel was also deployed to Puerta Rico, providing protection for the Red Cross after hurricane Maria.

Our professional security teams were sent to Massachusetts when property and equipment needed protecting after huge explosions in Merrimack Valley. After Hurricane Michael, in Florida, our security personnel were deployed to protect both business and industry.

Our advanced deployment to Florida enabled us to prepare for one of the biggest and most extensive hurricane threats of our time, protecting utility equipment and operations. Special Response Corporation was retained for the safeguarding of operations throughout labor negotiations by the US Refinery.

Each year we are continuously expanding, and our expert security teams are expanding. We run training schools throughout the year. Each school will educate a minimum of 12 -18 students in our security processes, standards, and company values.

2008 was an amazing year for us. Our hard work and efforts to provide excellence were noticed and we received the Training Magazine’s Training Top 125 Award for the first time. Our exceptional training standards were recognized again and again when we received the Training Top 125 Award every year, including February of 2020. That is 12 times Special Response Corporation has been awarded the Training Magazine’s Training Top 125 award in just 13 years, a testimony to our first-rate training program.

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