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When deploying security teams, Special Response Corporation ensures that all the equipment needed to provide the best security during labor disputes that is available. Our logistics handles the procurement, distribution, maintenance, and replacement of the required materials.

It is worth bearing in mind that each site and each labor dispute will be different and therefore the materials needed will vary. Here is an idea of some of the equipment used:

Cell Phones

Cell phones are a key part of equipment for contacting supervisors or client representatives in the case of a situation arising. They are also used to contact emergency services when necessary.

“Talk-around” requires two-way radios to allow for communication between posts and/or patrols. Security officers on duty can talk to each other, constantly informed of the situation and problems should they come up. Spare radios should be available at all times.

Video Cameras
Security officers can videotape incidents when necessary. There must be no general videotaping so as not to risk harassment.

Still Cameras
Most frequently, 33mm still cameras are issued to security officers so that they can photograph any relevant situations. As with video cameras, photographs mustn’t be aimless or unnecessary.

Audio Recorders
There might be some occasions when conversations need to be recorded by security officers. Once again, all audio recordings must be selective to prevent any sense of harassment.

It is not uncommon for there to be a lack of light for strikes that continue into the night. Gates, driveways and/or other work areas that are in use during a strike may require additional lighting. There must be sufficient light for security, safety, and the use of video cameras.

Barricades will be needed as a functional method to restrict the entrance of vehicles and/or pedestrians. A-frame barriers, medium barriers, bollards, drums, and traffic cones are some of the equipment that will block or bottleneck high traffic areas.

Support Services

At Special Response Corporation, we are prepared to provide support services for a number of events, not limited to natural disasters and strikes.

We are able to provide the following support services:

  • Catering Services: catering trucks/trailers can be delivered to sites. These units carry various menu options and have the ability to cater for thousands of people in need.
  • Mobile Housing: special units that house beds for people left homeless in a disaster.
  • Mobile Shower/Restrooms: in conjunction with mobile housing, mobile showers/restrooms are provided to ensure sanitation is maintained.
  • Mobile Laundry Units: in some cases, temporary housing lasts for long enough to require laundry services.

Catering and Housing needs

When a disaster strikes in any part of the country, Special Response Corporation can be there to unite people with supplies, housing, equipment, and food.

Our Catering and Housing Services can supply refrigeration, mobile accommodation, mobile shower units, mobile laundry units, and menus that are creative as well as flexible. We pride ourselves in being able to meet the needs of clients in times when they have neither the means nor the strength to handle what nature has thrown at them.

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