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It takes time for a company to fully develop its values. Over the last three decades, Special Response Corporation has gained a clear understanding of what is of foremost importance when providing our security services. Every aspect of our business is carried out with our core values in mind, and every Special Response employee is also screened, recruited, and trained to uphold our values.

Bearing: it’s not only the first impression that counts, we continuously carry the correct posture, dress code, and personal conduct.

Courage: all employees must have a strong handle of personal fear, anxiety, and emotions with excellent self-discipline.

Decisiveness: the ability to make quick, accurate, and fair decisions that are in line with orders or existing circumstances.

Initiative: notice tasks that must be carried out and get them done.

Endurance: possess the physical and mental stamina to cope with fatigue, stressful situations, and difficult times.

Judgement: appreciate all of the facts and look at all of the solutions in order to make solid decisions.

Knowledge: be the master of his/her role, showing wisdom in each situation they are presented with.

Tact: clients will be going through great turmoil and our employees must be able to handle people without upsetting the situation further.

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