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For more than 30 years, Special Response Corporation has been dedicated to providing elite security in times of crisis. We have become a national leader for our expert protection of both personnel and property. Special Response is an award-winning corporation with expertise in providing security services to protect business and industry in homeland security threats, natural disasters, and manmade disasters. We also have a range of services to protect business, industry and government during workplace violence threats, plant downsizing or closure, labor unrest, and civil disturbances.

Our services are used by small businesses up to Fortune 500 companies across all of the United States and Canada. Our protection services are suitable for corporations, government organizations, and private institutions.

Each team member has a background in law enforcement and/or military training. They are highly professional, disciplined, and practiced in the protection against modern-day threats. We are proud of our security personnel and will only contract those who have been professionally recruited, screened, and trained. Each of our professionals is regularly drug tested and have all of the correct documentation to qualify as personnel for employment.

It’s not just our security services that has gained us a remarkable reputation. Special Response Corporation also sets the standards in security consulting and contingency planning. Our extensive vulnerability assessments highlight security weaknesses. We then create and implement integrated systems for the protection of both property and possessions (such as important documentation). This is focused on physical security, electronic security, workplace threats, access control, and employee training.

Training Magazine has placed us as top in the way we train our people for the last decade. Our objective is to keep our clients safe in any situation by providing the ultimate security from our highly-skilled, expert employees, always bearing in mind the quality training and excellent customer service.

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