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Fortune 500 companies, key personnel, and HNWI’s would sooner choose Special Response Corporation for Executive Protection than any other service provider. Our Executive Protection specialists have a rich background in Federal and State Law Enforcement, U.S. Military, and Security.

When you select Special Response Corporation for Executive Protection, you can be assured that your protection comes from recognized industry specialists who have received the utmost levels of training, both from their previous military and/or law enforcement experience and from Special Response Corporation. Core personnel in our Executive Protection teams have pristine records and are primarily from Delta, SAS, SEALS, and former Government Counter-Terrorist Units.

The standards of Executive Protection we provide have been developed over the last three decades we have served our clients. Special Response Corporation personnel and all of our associates are specialized in not only providing elite protection but also in complete discretion.

Full-time VIP protection (or on-demand) from Special Response Corporation is a full-time deployment from former Tier One operators who have risen from U.S. Special Forces and Government Units, not limited to SAS, Delta, and Seals. The skill sets bring into play quick reactions in threatening situations after years of operating against high-level targets in extreme circumstances. Each Tier One security personnel comes from the top of their section and have experience working in a low profile or covert manner.

Such training comes at a great financial cost, but this investment would not be worth anything without years of dedicated experience turning valuable education into useable talent. During their time in the field, our personnel have learned how to control high-risk situations with no commotion, which is something that should not be underestimated. They can carry out their duties without detection, respectfully, and with great efficiency, therefore becoming forceful facilitators.

Those who have come from Special Forces are accustomed to operating at levels that are highly classified and sensitive. This demands great responsibility and an accomplished knowledge of risk and strategic outcomes. These critical skills are exactly what is required to protect high profile and/or UHNWI targets. At Special Response Corporation, we strongly believe that the perfect Executive personnel is able to read the environment, carry out their duties unnoticed, and without the need for glorification.

The principal aim of our Executive Protection service is to provide professional business travel and key personnel protection in a way that meets the client’s needs. We ensure that clients can go about their business without disruption and whenever risk-appropriate, our personnel will blend in without drawing attention. It is not uncommon to witness unprofessional executive protection which only leads to more attention and more potential danger. We understand that having personal security may not be your preferred choice. With all of this in mind, we make sure our specialized personnel utilize their extensive training to be camouflaged yet prepared for potential danger.

Special Response Corporation offers tailored services to meet the requirements of each client. Our Executive Protection allows for business travel that is simplified but maintaining the highest levels of security. Our service is perfect for multi-national organizations that require protection. We have a network of incredible security assets that extend to all corners of the earth which combined with our award-winning training program means we appreciate how those receiving media attention could need superior VIP protection for the short-term or long-term. Our professionals are trained to be aware of the dangers of indiscrete security protection and the negative impact of unnecessary attention. Our personnel have the skill to provide VIP protection while remaining undetected.

Special Response Corporation has worked in practically every city in the U.S. and in a long list of countries across the world. With such a diverse range of experience, our team members appreciate the level of risk our clients are facing but are still able to offer the highest levels of comfort. Our networking also means that we can liaise with worldwide law enforcement agencies, governments, and local authorities. With the additional support of these bodies, we are able to provide far superior VIP security services where clients can enjoy polished, serene protection.

Special Response Corporation has intelligence capabilities to maintain extensive global business travel safety and security solutions to all of our clients.

We are proud to be able to say that Special Response Corporation is one of very few private security companies that provide teams of exceptionally skilled and competent protective surveillance specialists. Our standards are of complete excellence, thanks to the real-life experience our teams have had. Our clients are provided the best protection because of our combination of training and experience.

When offering residential security, Special Response Corporation integrates the most innovative technology with specialized skills. It has taken us years to develop and enhance our methodologies in residential security services, which now surpass other residential security services.

VIPs can face a terrifying number of threats including stalkers, protestors, fired employees, intruders, and kidnap attempts. We are fully aware of these dangers and our residential security specialization originates from our core management, not just in creating means of support, but also in counter security methodology.

The Most Cutting-Edge Technology for Residential Security

With our own knowledge and connections to leading technology developers in the security industry, Special Response Corporation takes great pride in being able to offer the ultimate and safest residential technology. Our combination of expertise and technical proficiency allows clients to feel completely safe in their homes with a security system that complements our physical security teams.

Residential Security- Protective Teams

Our Residential Security Team (RST) personnel are fully trained in personal security, protective intelligence, and rapid response. Each team member is extensively vetted, provided with high levels of training, and matched to specific tasks based on their skill sets. Clients are ensured they receive the most ideal residential security team, whether it is for static positions, roving patrols, or specialist personnel. Special Response Corporation has a suitable team for every situation.

Penetration Testing Specialists

Special Response security personnel have been trained and have working experience in penetrating testing with government agencies, business, and industry. We will carry out penetrating tests to attempt to penetrate, bypass and thoroughly test existing security procedures, equipment, and teams at a certain location. Our Tier One service includes profound knowledge of tactics, devices, and high-level operations.

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