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Throughout every level of Special Response Corporation, we expect the highest quality of employees, and this applies to our team leaders too. All Special Response Security Supervisors have a minimum of 3 years of military experience, or two years of law enforcement/ security experience. Many of our team members have more than 2 decades of experience. We only recruit the best.

Our leaders have served in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and other federal agencies. Each of these provides a unique perspective to security and this combined with talent and discipline makes our leaders some of the most accomplished. What our employees have mastered with their military experience and or law enforcement provides the ideal foundations for their continued training with Special Response Corporation.

We feel that it is necessary for people to work their way up to leadership positions. For this reason, each employee will start as a security officer so that they can fully appreciate the role and responsibilities. When a security officer has gained experience with Special Response Corporation, we know that they have the knowledge and communication skills to lead a team.

On average, it takes almost one year to learn the values, structures, and ethics we maintain at Special Response Corporation. From here, security officers are offered the opportunity to advance their career to a more senior position. This time allows us to confirm that the potential leader has experienced a range of crisis situations and developed strong ties with our clients. With their background and our training, we are confident that our team leaders can handle any challenging situation they are faced with.

Just as we are proud of our success as a company, we are equally proud of our highly professional, skilled, and disciplined team members who contribute to the accomplishments of Special Response Corporation.

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