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The recruitment process used by Special Response Corporation guarantees the highest standards of selection across the entire security industry. We are able to extend our recruitment program throughout the United States, enabling us to access the best military and law enforcement experienced security professionals. Our active recruitment also taps into local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. We maintain close contact with each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces to recruit veterans.

During our Screening and Recruitment processes, we focus on the level of discipline from the military or law enforcement agency that has been ingrained into the potential recruit. The processes at Special Response Corporation would not be complete without screening for recruits who possess the core values we uphold, such as courage, decisiveness, judgement, knowledge, and tact. It is essential that our potential recruits demonstrate these traits from day one; without them, they will not be accepted into our Special Response Training Academy.

During our pre-employment screening, we strive to include only those who meet our standards of qualifications. Our background checks cover past employment, personal references, driving records, criminal check, proof of military or law enforcement service, and drug or alcohol abuse.

It is obligatory for every Special Response Corporation recruit to have completed a minimum of three years of honorable military service, two years working in law enforcement, or the equivalent security experience. This combination of military and law enforcement background along with the expert education we provide at our Special Response Training Academy allows us to provide a security service with minimal risk liability and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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