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After an extensive recruitment and screening process, candidates enter our highly acclaimed training program. We are proud of our successes and a massive part of this is due to our commitment to professional recruitment and training. Our training program has been recognized nationally and has received Training Magazine’s Training Top 125 Award since 2008.

The mandatory training for security professionals in any state may vary from zero hours to the average of 16 hours of classroom training. Special Response Corporation team members receive over 40 hours of training, far more than the typical requirements. Following training, team members are fully briefed on their assignment prior to deployment. We also conduct on-site and online training to continue the education of our people.

Our state-of-the-art Training Academy can be found just 40 minutes north of BWI (Baltimore/Washington International Airport). We also use strategic satellite locations to simulate real-life situations. The Special Response Corporation Training Academy makes sure our newest team members are competent in critical security and appreciate all of the unique responsibilities of the various services we offer.

Potential team members will not find another training system like ours. Candidates are not required to pay for the training experience carried out at the facility in Sparks, Maryland. The over 40 hours of training includes continuous assessment on classroom participation, report writing skills, documentation procedures, and physical fitness. Trainees are expected to complete homework assignments and tests in order to become a certified member of the Special Response Corporation Team. We are proud of our training standards, as should be our newly qualified team members who are now among the best in the security industry. In fact, some of our team members have not had to participate in other security training programs or have been hired sight-unseen when employers know they have received training from Special Response Corporation.

As an added feature, we offer on-site housing for employment candidates while they attend our school. This also helps to build the team spirit of our people.

On top of our elite training program, our certification process is extremely strict. Our 40-hour Special Response Team Member Course has been certified in numerous states. New York, Virginia, and New Jersey are among some of the states that formally recognize the Special Response Corporation Training Academy. Our security specialist instructors are certified throughout the United States. Many of our qualified team members are certified security professionals in multiple states, complying with each state’s mandated legislation.

When participating in our training program, potential security officers can benefit from a great range of subjects, including:

  • An Introduction to Security
  • Safety
  • Duties and Importance of the Security Officer
  • National Labor Relations Act
  • Legal Issues
  • Use of Force
  • Patrol and Access Control
  • Emergency Situation and Response
  • Fire Control
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Communications and Public Relations
  • An Introduction to Video Equipment
  • An Introduction to Night Vision Devices
  • Ethics and Conduct
  • Terrorism Overview
  • Report Writing
  • An Introduction to Radio Equipment
  • Riot Control
  • Strike Line Procedures
  • Red Cross and First Aid
  • Active Shooter
  • Workplace Violence

There are various positions with Special Response Corporation – Security Officers, Tactical Officers, Tactical Photographer, Protective Officers, Evidence Custodian, Sergeant, and Site Commander – each position has further certification procedures. Aside from our own certifications, the majority of states call for their own certification processes. Many of our security personnel hold TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credentials) Certifications and are therefore permitted to protect critical infrastructures within the United States. In past client requirements, we have been able to quickly meet or exceed any special requirements (e.g. FAA, MARSEC, etc.).

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