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When you choose Special Response Corporation, you know you are choosing a company that has acquired experience in a wide range of industries, managing large scale security assignments across a number of locations, in and out of state. Our deployments can vary from providing one Special Response security professional to providing hundreds of Special Response security professionals.

Electric Utility:

Special Response Corporation teams were deployed to coal-fired generating stations during the utility union strike in Illinois. We provided 210 personnel working at stations that were up to 6 hours away from each other. Over the last three decades, we have supported many utilities during times of civil unrest, natural disasters, and labor disputes.

Gas Utility:

When strike of a Gas Utility company occurred, 125 of our security personnel were deployed to various locations in Kentucky and West Virginia. Assignments have included protection of pipelines, compressor stations, and new construction.

Beverage Industry:

Special Response Corporation was called upon by one of the world’s biggest brewing and beverage companies. Ten breweries were facing the risk of a strike and more than 400 of our personnel were deployed.

Automotive Industry:

A large Agriculture/ tractor and equipment company had five major sites in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa. The work stoppages required 216 of Special Response’s security personnel.

Trucking and Transport:

Teamsters carried out a strike against a significant trucking company, which we protected in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, New York, and West Virginia.

After 30 years of providing high-standard security personnel, Special Response Corporation can safely say that we have supported each and every industry across the United States and Canada.

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