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Protect Plan ™/Security Survey/Vulnerability Assessment

Special Response Corporation is not only an award-winning security provider, but we are also a nationally recognized leader in consulting and vulnerability assessments. We appreciate that each client has unique needs and our specialists are there to supply innovative security solutions.

Once we have completed our survey, we can highlight your needs and provide an emergency action plan for you to put into place in case of a catastrophe. Catastrophes can come in many shapes and sizes, so our top-level security experts will complete the assessment, including an evaluation of security systems and counter measurements.

Your individual security assessment will look at areas that could be improved, recommendations, and a revision of current procedures. Special Response Corporation experts are proficient in all of the latest technologies and are accomplished at designing:

  • Perimeter protection
  • Access control
  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion detection
  • Counter-terrorism and threat mitigation systems

Furthermore, we have specific data and telecommunications designers who offer enhanced infrastructure creating and specific equipment for data distribution and telecommunications.

Penetration Testing – Physical Security

A key part of our initial Security Survey and Vulnerability Assessment is the physical security of your location. Special Response Corporation will examine for potential security weaknesses and put forward the most suitable recommendations to improve the security in these areas.

Some of the most common weak areas are back entrances used by employees, unsecured windows, and interior doors that don’t have either security personnel or video monitoring. Aside from the physical security, it is equally important that hardware and software are completely secure. Computers and other electronic devices and documentation contain confidential and valuable information that must be protected.

We also want to make sure your employees are educated on security issues. One problem involved “tailgating attacks”, when unauthorized people slip through security systems behind authorized people. Once in the building, intruders have access to the entire company’s building and information. Employees need to be conscious of anybody trying to enter the building without the correct identification.

If a threat becomes more imminent, it might be necessary to put security personnel at all entrances to physically check that each individual has the correct authorization. Our specialists will consider this when the Special Response Corporation Security Survey and Vulnerability Assessment is being completed.

‘Penetration Testing’ is the most accurate way to find security weaknesses in your location. By sending in a fake intruder, we can show just how easy it is to bypass your security system and then provide a plan of action based on the results.

If you have any doubts or enquires, don’t hesitate in contacting Special Response Corporation today and one of our experts can begin to advise you on your security needs.

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