The Benefits Of A Protective Detail Security Service

Here we will explain the benefits of using a protective detail service. We take your personal security very seriously and so should you. It is unfortunate that there are many threats lurking in the modern world and if you believe that there is the remotest chance that you could be a target you need to take action and get the best protection available. 

What is a Protective Services Detail (PSD)? 

You may have heard this term before and not be fully aware of what it means. It is where an individual or group of people are assigned a team to protect them. With each PSD mission, our team of security officers will all need to be up to speed on all aspects of the operation. 

A protective services detail team can operate in domestic or foreign environments. Each of these environments could have a number of different threat profiles which our team will identify. We will use our vast experience to anticipate what the most likely threats will be in a specific environment and identify the most effective course of action to deal with these threats. 

What you need to consider before hiring Security Services 

The most important aspect is the quality of the team members that will be assigned to your security detail. You need to be sure that all members have the required training and experience to fully protect you. 

One thing that you need to be aware of is that not all security companies are the same. Some of them will be fairly new and may even employ people that are not qualified to perform the work. This could literally mean the difference between life and death, so here are some questions that you need to ask: 

  • Does the company you are considering have security licenses in all states?  
  • Do they have a track record in the security industry? 
  • Are they fully insured? 
  • Do their employees meet the minimal training requirements required by states? 
  • Does the company perform high levels of screening to ensure that they only employ the very best people with police or military experience? 

Special Response Corporation ticks all of these boxes and a lot more. You never want to take a chance with your personal security. A threat can emerge from anywhere at any time, so you need to be confident that those protecting you have the necessary training and experience to think and act quickly. 

What to expect with a Protective Detail Security Service 

Prevention is an important aspect of a PSD. Our experienced officers will assess the strength of the current security measures that you have in place and make recommendations for improving this if it is necessary.  

No stone is left unturned here. They will look for all kinds of weaknesses with your current security including the alarm systems and physical security aspects of your home and / or office.  

If you travel a lot then there is a much higher likelihood of you suffering an attack if you are alone rather than having a bodyguard with you. When your security guard carries a weapon this will be a strong deterrent to individuals who could be a threat to you. 

Your security team will always be on high alert. Each team member will have strong powers of observation and will spot things that you or others would probably not see. Threat prevention is always on their minds. 

Working closely with you is essential and your security team will want to learn as much as possible about your routines so that they can identify and sure up any security weak points. For the highest level of protection you need to share everything with your team. 

Special Response Corporation has been in the security business for more than 25 years and we have an excellent reputation and track record. We would be delighted to discuss your protective detail security requirements with you so please contact us here now. 

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